A show for women by women; that is the idea behind the show, true to its name: Beautiful Confessions With Asma Nabeel. Sadia Jabbar Productions, known for its revitalizing web series “Shameless Proposals,” has once again stepped up in the digital world to bring us this long due talk show that unfolds the stories of unsung women heroes of our nation.

With the ever talented and very much heroic cancer survivor Asma Nabeel as the host, this talk show sure gives linear television a run for its money with its refreshing and out of the common theme.

In this episode, we got to know actress Hajra Yamin and the struggles that went behind, for us to watch this talented curly-haired girl on screen. Hajra talks about herself with the respect that many of us don’t give ourselves.

Juggling ourselves to please people around us, we as women often forget that we, too, need to be pleased, satisfied, and valued. That is what Hajra did when she put herself first by taking a step for herself and pursuing her career even after being rejected by her family.

Hajra chose to live an independent life to make her own choices to be the boss of herself, but in a society like ours, this freedom, especially for a woman, does not come without a price.

Many of us step back because we don’t have the guts to pay that price, but Hajra being the strong woman she is, stood up for herself and snapped at all the fingers that dared to have been raised at her, this is what makes her different and a power figure. Hajra talks about family and the impact that a child has of their family on their mental wellbeing and how parents can make or break a person and how important of a role they play in the making of an individual.

She emphasized on the need of the adults to make peace with the ever-moving time, what used to be can never be at this age, times change at we need to move and change with time make ourselves more comfortable with the present instead of being stuck somewhere in the past. And last but not least, it is high time women in our nation get fundamental human rights. Live and let live.