Sing with Strepsils Challenge, which was launched in early April, garnered a phenomenal response from talented Pakistanis across the country sharing their vocal skills. Quarantine surely gave everyone enough time to explore their creative side and polish their hidden talents.

In some cases, even identify new skills and work towards improving them. While some were busy making banana breads, others were consumed in sending their entries to the challenge launched by Strepsils Stereo – Pakistan’s First Acappella Platform. More than 1000 entries poured in for the competition in a span of 2 weeks.

The platform recently made an announcement of the top 20 entries, selected by the judges of Strepsils Stereo, including the talented musician Arieb Azhar. These 20 entries were up against each other for public voting.

The final three winners that were announced, based on public poll, include Sajar from Karachi as the second runners up, Yashir from Gujranwala as the first runners up, and the winner of the competition is a 11 year old talented boy Ali Zamin from Rawalpindi.

Talking about this, Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing Health, Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited, makers of Strepsils, said, “In these difficult times, we wanted to spread joy and good vibes to keep the spirits alive. There is no better way to share happiness than with music. We are glad that the Sing with Strepsils Challenge got such an exciting response. Strepsils Stereo has always encouraged new talent, innovative practices in music production, and unveiling the power of voice through its platform. The choice of picking the top 20 was a difficult one but the winner’s fate is now in the public’s hands. We hope the best one wins!”

Strepsils Stereo – the country’s first and only Acappella based platform – has launched 2 seasons and 7 songs with talented musicians from across the country. The first two seasons were produced and compiled by Ali Noor and BIY Productions.

The aim of this platform is to unleash the power of vocals with sounds created without using any instruments. Strepsils Stereo is an owned Acappella platform of Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Pakistan’s throat lozenges brand, Strepsils. The platform for its unique idea and brand relevance has won the prestigious Spike Asia award and Effie Awards as well.