Deewangi has made it to our Favorite Drama of the week, and here’s why!
Deewangi starring Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari, Ali Abbas, and Zoya Nasir is one of the most popular dramas running currently on our TV screens. It has captured the imagination of drama watching audience. Hence, it is no surprise that Deewangi is our favorite of the week. Here is what makes this drama truly stand out from the competition.

The strong female lead

Despite facing one difficulty after another, Hiba Bukhari’s Nageen is a positive and glass half full kind of character. She believes in working hard and always finding a way to be happy. Even when she is down on her luck, she can make the best of the situation. Plus, she is a strong woman who makes her own choices. Whatever external pressures, she is able to fend it off. She doesn’t let the world or her situation define who she is. Nageen is an absolute role model.

Danish Taimoor’s Performance as Sultan

Deewangi offers something starkly different. Sultan is manipulative, angry, and egotistical. He would go to any extent to get what he wants. That isn’t a character we see on TV screens frequently. Sultan uses his money, power, and influence as a tool to damage whoever comes in his way. Even if it is his pregnant wife. It really is a dark character. In portraying Sultan’s deewangi, Danish Taimoor is proving his versatility.

Haroon the savior

The yang to Sultan’s yin, we have Haroon played by Ali Abbas. He is the Good Samaritan in Nageen’s life. Thankfully Ali Abbas’s disarming smile and pleasant screen presence fit perfectly for the role

The Progressive Plot

The director and the producers have raised the stakes with this play. This isn’t a play that focuses on our dressing room politics. Instead, it goes up a notch, and we see how misogyny is a problem in our society, how money problems can derail any relationship, and how financial clout can help you get away with literally anything.

The Beautiful OST

Sahir Ali Bagga’s OST really captures the mood of the play. It represents the journey these actors go through this story and reflects the darkness of the story.
Deewangi has reached a really interesting point in the story- and we can’t wait to see what would happen next in Nageen’s life.