A rising starlet with great acting chops, charming persona, and impressive fashion sense, Ramsha Khan is that one young actress who we love watching on our TV screens again and again and never get enough of.

This smart girl always loved acting but wished to venture into everything that showbiz had to offer.

Hence, she has numerous feathers in her cap at such a young age. She started off her career as a VJ, ventured into modeling, and finally stepped into acting with her debut movie Thora Jee Lay. Though the film never made it to the box office, Ramsha was highly praised for her acting in the movie.

Since TLJ, Ramsha has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. In such a short career span, the actress has worked alongside industry veterans on super hit dramas, like Wo Aik Pal, Daagh, Tumhari Marium, and Mah-e-Tamam. Ramsha gave us blockbuster hits like Khudparast, Kaisa Hai Naseeban & Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan, and each of her projects was very diverse and unique from the other.

Keeping up with her tremendous success in 2019, the bonafide actress made sure she steps into 2020 with a bang and opted to play the leading lady in Ishqiya, which is currently one of the highly rated and top trending dramas of the year.

A love story where social conditions become a hurdle and set lovers apart, Hamna and Hamza have been in a similar situation.

Hamna gives up on the love of her life and marries the man her father has opted for her like how girls usually do it in conservative families, infuriating Hamza to the core, who takes this as his insult and avenges her by marrying her sister Roomi. What follows is a cold war between Hamna and Hamza, which no one yet knows about.

Certainly, Ramsha stands out among the two other leads in Ishqiya as she has flawlessly depicted the confusion, the mental chaos, and the intensity required for Hamna’s character along with maintaining her calm. She is battling it all inside her, yet she tries her best to be a caring wife to her husband, a good daughter to her parents, and is genuinely concerned for her sister.

Her character resonates so much with what many married girls face in our society and hence is being immensely loved by audiences and critics alike.

Indeed, Ramsha Khan is a powerhouse of talent, and she has proved it yet again with a mind-blowing performance in Ishqiya.