Yashma Gill, as Shanzay in Pyar Ke Sadqay, has left us speechless a lot of times with her performance. With the story now at a major twist, and Shanzay doing her best to hold on to Abdullah, let’s take a look at all the time we were pleasantly surprised by the energy Yashma Gill brought to the screens in Pyar Ke Sadqay.

When she rejected Abdullah’s proposal

The girl was so sick of saying no to Abdullah that she blurted out the day he came with his family to convince her once again. “Sahara usay dena jisay tumhare sahare ki zarurat ho”

Gill totally became the mean girl that Shanzay really was and yes we all hated her for that. As they say, if you despise the villain it means they’ve done a good job.

Post Wedding Reception

As Eesa walks into the room, Shanzay awaits. He gets started with his taunts but Shanzay wasn’t coming slow either. “Oh sorry, aap ne mujhe bataya hi nahi kasiay bethna hai. Bata detay tou I promise mein waisay hi karti”. Eesa’s expressions changed, and we laughed at the perfect comeback. Her expressions were simply priceless.

Walked away like a boss lady

After she had enough of her husband’s behavior, Shanzay decided to leave him for good.

Eesa was extremely dominating and a sadist. Things were getting messy between them, and one day, Shanzay gave him a shut-up call and left his house. Yashma did full justice to Shanzay’s character.

Shanzay’s return

After facing Eesa’s hideous behavior, Shanzay was devastated. She came straight to see Abdullah at his office. As much as she wanted a well-wisher by her side, she also wanted Abdullah’s reassurance for her future, and the lady got it. Yashma Gill’s acting skills showed that she’s in it for the long haul.

The crazy one

Shanzay goes nuts after she gets to know that Abdullah is not ready to leave his wife for her. The moment when she starts talking to the mirror got a little scary. Her eyes reflected terror as she broke the glass and cut herself. The actress nailed the entire scene, leaving the audience impressed with the sudden shift in her character.