The popular drama serial Pyar Ke Sadqay came to an end this week but there were some performances that will live with us forever.

One of them was of Bilal Abbas Khan who stole the show with his performance as Abdullah.

He showcased his talent to the fullest and brought his A game to the table in the serial to make it such a huge success. His impressive performance deserves every bit of praise and acclaim since Abdullah wasn’t an easy character to tackle, but he nailed it so perfectly that we could not help ourselves from falling in love with Abdullah.

In the last few episodes, we had seen Abdullah confused about his feelings, falling in the evil schemes of his step-father, believing whatever he was being told and acting on his advices.

However, in the finale, after he had found out about Sarwar’s reality and after he got his mother’s support, we saw him in a really different frame of mind.

The manner in which he put up a brave face in front of his father and went from being afraid to angry and brave was praise-worthy.

Later, when Sarwar leaves and Mahjabeen appreciates him for his bravery, his expression changes within minutes to being proud and happy over what he did to defend his wife. Bilal Abbas enacted every expression in that intense scene with absolute brilliance.

He carried his redemption arc so well and completely won us over with the way he handled the growth and shift in his character.

No doubt, fans took to social media, particularly Twitter to appreciate his performance and how Abdullah redeemed himself by taking a much-awaited stand for his wife, first in front of Shanzay and then in front of Sarwar.

Abdullah was a challenging role to play but Bilal Abbas kept us hooked throughout the course of the drama with his powerful performance. He essayed the role of a shy, gullible, scared, easy to manipulate, caring and loving person with sheer excellence.

From those nervous expressions when around his strict father to those shy looks when in the presence of Shanzay, from those speechlessness and angry looks on Mahjabeen’s antics to his stuttering every now and then, Bilal Abbas proved his mettle with his portrayal of Abdullah.

We are hoping that we will see him in such dynamic and challenging roles in the future too.