The police said they have completed their investigation into the suicide of  Dr Maha Shah within four days. According to SSP South Sheraz Nazir, two accused have been arrested for providing pistol to the deceased.

The pistol, used by Dr Maha to commit suicide, was owned by Saad Siddiqui. On Maha’s demand, Tabish Qureshi brought the pistol and handed over to her.

According to the family, Dr Maha, on the day she died, came from work very depressed. She was lying on the bed with her sister.

Father Asif Shah also came to her room and sat on the bed. On some excuse, Dr Maha rose from her bed and went to the washroom and shot herself at the temple with the 9mm pistol while sitting with her back to the wall.

After hearing the firing, the father rushed to the washroom and then phoned Madadgar 15. He also called in a close relative Dr Zahra. Dr Maha Shah was shifted to a hospital but she succumbed to her injury hours after.

According to Maha’s sister, she was suffering from severe depression and often talked about killing herself.