Some of the biggest fears among Leaders of local businesses (which has also grown exponentially) is, “who is going to take over this business after me?” or “does my son/daughter have the skills to manage and grow this business?” or worse, “does my child know the difference between a good friend and someone who is trying to be close to them for financial or other gains?’

In this day and age of material wealth, relationships and friendships have become very transactional. While some of us are lucky to enjoy loyal relationships, the challenge of realizing the difference between friend and foe is extremely difficult for the wealthy class. From violating trust to abandoning the so called ‘friendship’; people with influence, power, position and wealth suffer greatly when their trust is betrayed. The damage is not just emotional. The financial exploitation sometimes leaves families who have worked extremely hard on saving and building wealth; in shambles.

This seems to happen more with children of those who have wealth, says the expert therapist, counselor and executive coach Dr. Sheeza Mohsin – who also works with adult children of wealthy families helping them develop Emotional Intelligence.

Exploitation makes the Executive Functioning of these individuals stronger. They are able to realize hidden agendas, transactional relationships and authenticity at a faster speed than if they would just talk to their fathers; who may have the wisdom, but not necessarily the skills to transfer the knowledge.

Dr. Sheeza Mohsin, the sought-after Executive Coach also recently launched her Self-Help Book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ in March of this year.

Her book, being the first of its kind, is geared towards the South Asian diaspora and focuses on the Emotional Struggles of Pakistani, Indian as well as Bangladeshi families across the globe – this element of her work remains to be highlighted.

“I have been a Human Resources Professional for almost 25 years now. Working in areas of Leaderships development and Talent Management in the Corporate Sector gives me the Organizational savvy muscle I get to flex with these clients.”

Dr. Mohsin continued to explain that developing skills of Leaderships for the stereotypical ‘Seth’s’ son or daughter who is destined to take over a large business is critical. They not only need to understand the workings of their family business, but also have to grasp the skillset needed to inspire, lead and identify who they can trust.

With Executive coaching being on the rise, we asked Dr. Mohsin why someone would work with a Marriage and Family Counselor from the Corporate Sector. Given there are so many Leader Coaches in the market.

She smiled and said that it is for two reasons. She is a trained Executive and Leadership Development Professional with Certifications that were too many to list but can be viewed on her website. The other being, that she is an expert at Emotional health as well. Her clients talk to her about a variety of issues including personal ones.

 When talking to Dr. Mohsin, we were in awe of her professionalism and level of relatability. Many people in Pakistan struggle with going to a Therapist or counselor because they are afraid of confidentiality being violated.

With Coaching and Counseling services not as regulated in South Asia, many suffer in silence. Dr. Sheeza seemed to possess the unique skill to communicate to people at different levels of intelligence without making them feel uncomfortable. The safety she created so quickly was exclusive. The level of confidentiality stood out more than anything.

When asked about who she works with, Dr. Mohsin was extremely firm, “when I transitioned out of the corporate sector, it was a moment of professional growth for me. I am a trained Mental Health Professional and Leadership Coach. The biggest muscle I had to develop is not needing to prove my worth by flaunting my client list.”

“My clients put their trust in me. They are vulnerable and share issues they sometimes have never spoken to anyone about. What they share with others about my work is their choice. I am grateful when they do, as I get referrals from them. They have put their trust in me. Their information and identity will go to my grave with me.”

Dr. Sheeza is sought out as a Talent Management and C-Suite Leader Coaching Expert. She facilitates team meetings, inspires others as a Keynote speaker and also helps design succession plans for Organizations.

She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and continues to maintain her prestigious SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification so she can continue to support her select corporate clients. She is trained as a Leader Coach in many products including Korn Ferry’s Lominger Models.

While coaching and mental health awareness is on the rise, finding a high-quality professional in this field is becoming a continuing challenge. With weak regulation and continuous skill building, confidentiality is something that is critical in a country where anyone can call themselves an expert without any training, degree or license required. We have a long way to go.

Dr. Sheeza Mohsin works with clients around the world virtually. Her book Behind Closed doors is available on She does complimentary chats with anyone interested in working with her. she can be emailed at