7th Sky Entertainment’s popular drama serial ‘Muqaddar’ is at an important phase and brought a major development in last night’s episode.

All of Farkhanda’s evil plans to kick Raima out of the house and Saif ur Rehman’s life went in vain with this new development. Raima is expecting, which means her position is now further stronger in the house and in the life and heart of Saif ur Rehman.

Farkhanda has been coming up with one plan after another to make life difficult for Raima. Sometimes she tries to haunt her with her words, while sometimes she is there with accusations. However, never have any of her schemes worked in her favor. In contrast, every time Raima is the one who gets more respect and love for the way she handles the situation and accusations that are leveled against her.

Now, with Raima expecting, she feels that her position is getting weaker, hence, she tries to make up Raima’s mind against giving birth to the child. Raima, however, is happy with this news and so is Saif ur Rehman and she sternly replies to whatever evil Farkhanda feeds her with.

The conversation between the two is overheard by Saif ur Rehman and he also becomes upset with what Farkhanda is upto.

After Farkhanda’s unsuccessful attempt to convince Raima, she asks Abeera to convince Saad to talk to Saif ur Rehman regarding divorcing Raima in order to go ahead with Abeera and Saad’s marriage.

It seems like this plan will also not work out for her, as suggested in the preview of the next episode.

Muqaddar’s narrative is now at an important point and we are eagerly looking forward to how this story will unfold and move towards end. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi led 7th Sky Entertainment have produced numerous serials with ends that stay with us for long and we hope Muqaddar will end on a high note too.