At this point, Aijaz Aslam is considered to be television royalty. He’s part of the crem-de-la-crem of actors who continue to draw in viewers, earn praise from critics and deliver one blockbuster show after the other even after being around for a while. Apart from being one of the most renowned and respectable names of the Pakistani television industry, Aslam has proven himself as an actor and producer par excellence.

Since it is the super star’s birthday today, there’s no better way to ring by listing down a few of the many reasons why Aijaz Aslam is who he is today.

His versatility

During a career that has spanned two decades, Aslam has been a part of numerous super hit projects. He has proved his mettle in various genres ranging from light-hearted comedy plays like Dolly Darling to intense dramas like Cheekh as well as projects that depict complex family dynamics like the currently on-air projects Log Kya Kahengy and Nand.

His comedic timing

Aslam has portrayed several memorable characters but became an instant phenomenon with Chaudhary Nazakat in Kis Din Mera Vyah Hovega. His turn as a naïve, gullible, and romantic landlord who is a big fan of Salman Khan won him unanimous critical acclaim and praise. His comedic chops were on full display during the show while his dialogue delivery and antics left us in splits.

 Wise choices

Apart from being a brilliant actor, Aslam is known for his insight in picking scripts. He has always chosen entertaining projects and shed light on themes and issues that need to be discussed. This can be seen in his career graph as both an actor and a sensible producer.

Jovial personality

Whether its interviews, press junkets, or chat show appearances, Aslam always manages to win our hearts because of his candor, wit, and his camaraderie with his fellow actors and colleagues who he has known for years. His humor is a part of his charming persona that never goes overboard.

There are more reasons that we admire the actor, but we will talk about them later. For now, we wish him a happy birthday. May he prosper and continues to entertain us for years to come.