There is a critical need for clean public toilets in Pakistan especially for women and children. According to statistics, unfortunately Pakistan is amongst those countries lacking a facility of clean and hygienic public toilets.

Salman Sufi Foundation in collaboration with Harpic Mission Saaf and Safe Pakistan has initiated Pakistan’s first privately managed public sanitation project and inaugurated the first two public toilets in Karachi. The initial step included installation of clean public toilets amidst the busiest landmarks of Karachi; Lea Market and Jheel Park

Harpic, a product of Reckitt Benckiser Hygiene Home Pak. Ltd. is a specialist toilet and bathroom cleaner used across Pakistan to maintain a clean and hygienic toilet and bathroom.

In addition, Harpic has and continues to work towards their Mission; Harpic Mission Saaf and Safe Pakistan, which focuses on creating awareness and impact around cleanliness and hygiene in Pakistan.

The second phase of the program will start in the latter part of the year 2020 where public toilets will be installed in Lahore.

Since Harpic is a strategic partner in this program, all public toilets installed under this initiative will be cleaned and disinfected by Harpic Toilet and Bathroom cleaner. This public toilet in Karachi will be operational by the end of September 2020 and in future the plan is to expand in other urban, semi-urban and rural areas of Pakistan.

Saaf Bath caters to a much-needed necessity which is now being fulfilled but with that, it is our duty, as citizens of this country, to take responsibility and make sure we keep these toilets and bathrooms as clean as possible by following simple instructions for cleanliness installed in the toilets. Here’s to experiencing a Saaf and Safe Pakistan through Saaf Bath!