In a recent interview, creative maestro and energetic host, HSY gave us the lowdown on the ethics of hosting, what sets his hosting style apart from the others, and how he pulls it off in the most effortless and charismatic way. Considering the popularity of his Instagram series, LIVE with HSY, he seems to have a knack for getting celebrities to speak their truth while focusing on impactful topics and prevailing social issues. We usually see him being the interviewer but this time around, we got to hear his side of the story:

  • Respect: Right off the bat, when the interviewer asked HSY about his masterful skills at hosting, he noted that the No.1 key to being a good host is respect. Understanding that everyone deserves respect sounds simple enough but not many people follow the basics of what it takes to be a good host. HSY stated that he understands that people have taken time out of their busy lives to be on his chat-show, so why not treat the guest with the utmost respect?
  • The importance of catering to your audience: HSY noted that keeping the audience engaged is one of the most important part of hosting. “You have to look at your audience, you have to see what they want because they’re the ones who will direct where you are and where you’re going. The audience is also thinking that all they need from you is your loyalty and your authenticity.”
  • Clear and honest communication: Authentic content, meaningful conversations and truth about social issues are what the audience actually seeks. HSY opines, “they want to hear the truth. They don’t want to listen to comparisons of different actresses. They want to listen to stuff like, what happened on the motorway incident and what can we do about it. They want to listen to all the atrocities happening with children these days, the bans, and the ban on TikTok. These are the conversations people want to listen to. We’re forgetting that these shows are not just cheap entertainment, we have to talk about things that people are actually interested in.”
  • The power of using 3 simple words: The superstar also pointed out that another part of showing respect, is using words that reflect politeness/kindness. “3 things we don’t say enough in Pakistan: sorry, thank you and please. If we start using words like this our conversations will be significantly better. If you talk to your guests with respect and use simple courteous words like that after the interview is done, you can say ‘thank you so much for telling me and I’m so sorry that this happened with you.’ It makes such a tremendous difference and that way the audience will also feel comfortable watching the content.”
  • Focus on the guest and make sure they’re comfortable: When asked how he keeps his discussions relevant, HSY specified that you have to keep your topics relevant to the guest or talk about issues that are happening in the world right now. He also stated that a host has to speak to their guest prior to the show so that the guest feels comfortable enough to express themselves.

HSY seems to have a particular aptitude for hosting and a passion for meaningful conversation. You can catch the host LIVE in action on his Instagram series LIVE with HSY every Saturday at 7pm!