Now that drama serial ‘Kashf’ has come to an end, it feels that we have watched a drama which will be held in high regard for a long in the future. Breaking the assembly line of drama, Kashf took on a bold topic and was executed brilliantly, owing to the amazing performances.

This can also be termed as another one of the unforgettable roles in Junaid Khan’s career. A role which he put his heart and soul into. Delivering a nuanced performance in what was a highly demanding character. Rather than setting the agenda as in a lot of dramas, male characters do, Wajdaan was on the receiving end of most of the happenings in the drama. Playing second fiddle to Kashf’s character, Junaid Khan shone through and through.

This drama certainly merits a second viewing. Given the nuances of the story and how well the actors played their roles. As soon as the last episode was aired, social media was filled with comments on how amazing Junaid Khan was. His slow descent towards insanity was handled with sensitivity. When it eventually took its full toll, it did bring tears to many eyes.

Usually, we see dramas falter at the very end trying to predict what the audience may want…which usually means a happy ending. Even if that means going away from the journey of the characters. However, in Kashf, this wasn’t the same. The fate of both Kashf and Wajdaan seemed inevitable.

The decisions that Wajdaan took and the path he chose for himself was of destruction. Having to embrace that decision completely and making the audience believe in it was no easy feat. As a viewer, you could see that he was taking steps which would be detrimental in the long run. Yet, you willed him to go on and listen to his heart.

We can perhaps say with authority that we have all witnessed a great drama and an actor in his pomp. It will be a challenge for Junaid to top this incredible performance of his career, but knowing him, we are sure he would be coming with something incredible our way once again.