Ek Jhoothi Love Story follows the narrative of a love story with an interesting premise, quirky characters, and a fresh approach of exploring relationships.

The two pivotal characters Sohail (played by Bilal Abbas Khan) and Salma (played by Madiha Imam) embark on a journey of finding true love that they aren’t getting in real life. These two individuals pretend to be ideal personalities; they create fake profiles on social media and accidentally meet online.

Ever since the trailer of this Mehreen Jabbar’s directorial web-series was released, there had been a lot of buzz. After the release of the web series, it has been making headlines for all the good reasons and has emerged as a winner.

Ek Jhoothi Love Story works big time largely owing to Bilal Abbas Khan who makes it come alive with his powerful performance. We bring to you all the reasons why we feel Bilal is the lifeline of this entertainer streaming now on ZEE5! 

  1. Bilal Abbas Nails it as Sohail

Ek Jhoothi Love Story is unimaginable without Bilal! He shows immense maturity while playing Sohail. Without being too preachy, or overdramatized, he perfectly balances the narrative as the loving son, caring brother, and eventually a good husband. He’s stellar – in a terrific form – immersing himself in this character so much that after a point not once do you associate him with any of his previous roles or persona!

  • Bilal’s Crackling Chemistry with Madiha Imam   

This unusual jodi has impressed the viewers as they pair up for the first time. Ek Jhoothi Love Story is a rare web series that remembers why we like watching people in love on screen, and it never forgets to present Sohail and Salma as people. It sidelines all the clichés such as the colorful fireworks, and uses ‘I hate you-s’ and ‘I love you-s’ when needed. They make us happy and emotional which draws us closer to the narrative. Both the actors are instruments in making Ek Jhoothi Love Story enjoyable and deliver a biting line with equal believability. 

  • Bilal’s Epic Dialogues will Leave you in Splits

One thing we are sure of is that you’ll be hooked to Sohail aka Bilal Abbas Khan’s hilarious dialogues. Some of the best lines of the series have been given to him and he manages to bring them to life with his brilliance. When an excited Sohail goes overboard while chatting with Salma and asks her ‘do you do scuba diving?’ and then regretfully curses himself ‘Lanat tere shakal pe Sohail, aik baar matlab tau check karleta lekhnay se pehle’ leaving you rolling on the floor with laughter.

  • Choosing the Right Content

At the age of just 28, this young guy has got the knack of smelling good scripts. I don’t think Bilal could’ve got a more cohesive script to mark his digital debut. This is unlike what the actor has done in the past. Think of Bilal and you recall his performances in Rangreza, Cheekh, Balaa and Pyar Ke Sadqay. This time around he chooses to play a common man that’s sans the typical heroic spectacle and theatrics, and yet wins hearts. 

On the whole, Ek Jhoothi Love Story is an extremely remarkable digital show. It’s an adorable story from Karachi’s life. From the dialect to the setting, and traditions, it’s all in place and it’s put together very well. Excellent performances, especially from Bilal Abbas Khan. A beautifully crafted web series. It’s amusing, emotional, heart trending, and insightful; one for the entire family and universal audiences.