By komal ahmed

Here comes wintry weather, and with it the need to write again. The heartaches, the clatter of summer time already packed up in old suitcases and dragged to basements that smell like us whilst we were kids.

Outside that museum of seasons, the entire global has modified. We are afraid as although records has by no means before overvalued the enlightenment of a civilization. And now a fascist ignoramus is the leader of the free global. Bah. Still, it’s far iciness, and my canine is curled up on his splendid green chair, sound asleep as though it is 12 o clock in the afternoon.

Life consists of on like the slow, positive bloodless. The moon is fat and streaky, its stomach is swimming with orange fish. Outside the lane, the defend has his face wrapped up in a scarf. I marvel if he goals of higher locations, if he asks me in foggy whispers wherein I’m going nowadays each time I depart.

Surely, he have to have wanted greater from existence. More even, than me. That breaks my coronary heart.

This is the season for every guy’s very own story, for kindness and smallness and shawls that also smell just like the stale air of ultimate December. I experience the want to write down once more, to see glad human beings accumulated warmly together under big tents, consuming food, giggling with their mouths open.

You see, iciness is an event right here. We greet it each 12 months. We name it “the iciness.”
Although this year, the eventful nature of the season in Pakistan and even across the globe is tremendously distinct. We are after all living amidst, as the expression goes, some “interesting times”.

As 2020 saw the entire world getting engulfed by the Covid 19 Pandemic -speculated by the scientists to exacerbate during this winter.

Reality remains that we have till date survived both; gruesome self-inflicted wars and colossal natural disasters. Such is the ability of humanity’s will to keep going, despite the horrendous circumstances.

Even though many around the globe might not be able to celebrate festivities, whether the Christmas or New Year.

We can stay connected through various technological and even now seemingly getting out of vogue but more traditional means. Buying and exchanging presents is a huge part of modern culture surrounding the merriment that the Winter season accompanies.

Many would still miss their friends and family, whom they can not meet due to variius restrictions and cautious practices in place in various countries.

Many would still miss their beloved whom departed due to the inevitable consequences of a Pandemic that is once in a century occurance. Through the shared sense of loss, empathy and compassion we can yet look forward to a future which reflects hope than desperation that many may experience today.

There are experts working on the remedy of this disease that plagues the humanity and ultimately people looking for solutions always provide us with optimism. In fact in the form of various possible vaccines we are almost there already. So even in the chilliest of nights and darkest of hours, we can always have faith and aim for a bright tomorrow.
“Winter greetings “

Komal Ahmed is an Assistant Professor at Kinnard College for Women Lahore.