In a time where people are most in need of compassion, Pakistani celebrities put their best foot forward to support the people of their country. Not only are these stars excellent in their respective fields, truly mastering their craft, but they also have a heart of gold. Continuously supporting causes that are in need of attention, reflection, and compassion, these stars use their platform to promote noble causes that need a voice.

Although they are best known for being brilliant in their line of work, they also stay true to their love for mankind across the board, targeting each philanthropic endeavor at a time.

Here’s a list of our favorite Pakistani celebrities supporting noble causes:

1.Shahid Afridi: Well recognized for his impeccable work on the cricket field, Afridi remains busy with his non-profit organization Shahid Afridi Foundation. The NGO provides basic healthcare, education, and sports facilities to the people of Pakistan and all over the world. Shahid Afridi Foundation has initiated several projects in Pakistan, including a hospital in Kohat, developing hand pumps and water well projects in Sindh and KPK. The organization also provides scholarships for students and children. Afridi is also the Brand Ambassador for Polio in Pakistan, which is associated with several charities across the world.

2.Sarwat Gilani: Best known for her recent appearance in ‘Churails’, Sarwat Gilani is also an advocate for women’s rights and human rights in general. She is recognized for using her voice for just causes, breaking stereotypes, and redefining what it means to be a leading actress in Pakistan. Apart from her continuous activism, she is also the Goodwill Ambassador for Special Olympics Pakistan.

3.Abrar Ul Haq: We know him for having incredible singing and songwriting skills, however, Abrar Ul Haq is also the name behind the charitable organization SAHARA. The NGO raises awareness to create better healthcare and medical facilities for people in rural areas. Haq has also established the Suhagra Shafi Medical Complex in Nowral. His organization continually works towards a better future by providing healthcare facilities for underprivileged people all around Pakistan.

4.Sara Loren: Renowned for her phenomenal acting skills in Lollywood and Bollywood alike, this actress has taken on several diverse roles throughout her career, such as Rabia in ‘Rabia Zinda Rahegi’, and Nisha in ‘Murder 3’ amongst others. Loren has won several awards for her acting skills in projects like ‘Anjuman’ and ‘Mein Mar Gai Shaukat Ali’.

However, she isn’t just an incredible actress, she is also an active participant in promoting equal/minority rights and has progressively celebrated minorities in Pakistan. From visiting orphanages to condemning child marriages or forced conversions, she has also spoken out against the vandalization of the Sikh statue, promoting interfaith harmony among the Sikh and Muslim communities at the farmers’ protest in India. The actress showed her support for a slum girl from across the border (who is now an aspiring model). Sara Loren has progressively used her platform to solidify minority rights by promoting equality for all, despite their race or religion.

5.Shehzad Roy: Pakistani singer/ songwriter Shehzad Roy is best known for his incredible voice but has also made a name for himself with humanitarian work. He has set up the Zindagi Trust which aims to improve the quality of education around Pakistan and make it accessible to everyone across the country. The organization also gives free books and school supplies to underprivileged children.

6.Anoushay Ashraf: This A-lister has made a name for herself by hosting several shows and now is using her voice to deflect injustice, raising awareness for assault victims, lending a helping hand for daily wage earners and most recently, protecting animals. Anoushay Ashraf has been an active advocate for animal rights, sharing the message of being kind and compassionate with all animals. She is always sharing her love for animals on social media while encouraging us all to treat animals fairly and avoid all forms of animal cruelty like hunting for sport and captive circuses.

These superstars are Pakistan’s knights in shining armor and we believe their efforts should be recognized everywhere. Their initiatives offer inspiration to other celebrities and fans alike.