Communication is the key of any relationship they say. That rings true in terms of the relationship between Somiya and Hatim. The tide seems to be turning in favor of the childhood sweethearts. But for how long?

Somiya and Hatim have a heart-to-heart and clear up most misconceptions. We say most, because there are somethings which remain a secret of sorts. But things move quickly and decisively.

Especially thanks to Hatim, who is unwilling to given into the whims and wishes of her mother? He is adamant not to listen to her and relentless to pursuit of his love. While Somiya refuses to get married without consent of her to be mother-in-law, Hatim and Nouman are determined to see it happen, one way or the other.

This eventually leads to Fehmida giving in half-heartedly. Afraid of losing her son for good, she decides to compromise, even if it’s only for a brief period. Hatim and Somiya are set to tie the knot in a month, with Nikah scheduled for next week.

That is 7-days for Raheela to come up with a conniving plan. Despite failing thus far, she is unwilling to relent. Seemingly, she has a plan in her head. But how risky would it be and will it work? Well time shall tell.

While there are wedding bells for Somiya and Hatim, Shireen and Shehreyar’s marriage is called off. It becomes clear that both are being forced into this new relationship.

Meanwhile Aden is still contemplating when to take a proposal to Somiya’s home. Raheela again pushes him by claiming that Somiya has multiple suitors.

It does feel like there will be a cruel twist in this tale. Raheela hasn’t given up and that tells you everything you ought to know.

She will not take it without a hefty fight till the end. Even if that means self-destruction…interesting times ahead. Let us see what the duo maestros Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have for us ahead.