Well sometimes even well-thought-out plans fail. And frankly, Hamza’s idea wasn’t the brightest. The outcome has proven that beyond any doubt.

In fact, it has had the reverse effect that what Hamza had imagined. All seems lost now.

Running away to in some ways to blackmail his family had led his powerful parents to Dilnasheen’s home.

They are in no mood to spare Dilnasheen and see her as the instigator of Hamza’s disappearance. Ignoring their daughter’s friendship with Dilnasheen and what Hamza would make of their actions, Hamza’s dad sends police to Dilnasheen’s home.

For a conservative family where everyone is on the verge of a mental breakdown already, this is devastating.

Dilnasheen’s mother says that she will never forgive her. In fact, her brother decides to say yes to Haider’s proposal even before the police had knocked at their door.

Typically, policemen try to exert all sort of emotional pressure on Dilnasheen and her brother at the police station.

They read aloud her personal messages and ridicule her brother. The idea of the whole parade was to shame the family in front of the world and seek information about Hamza, But Dilnasheen is as clueless as anyone else.

Meanwhile, Haider’s mother eagerly waits for the call from Dilnasheen’s family. She already has her hopes high and anything other than yes would break her heart. Haider, on the other hand, isn’t too sure.

To find out, his mother sends her daughter to Dilnasheen’s home for an answer. Soon we get to know the whereabouts of Hamza. He is at a farmhouse with his friends, while Dilnasheen and her brother are questioned by the police at the station. Hamza, unaware of this, thinks his plan is working.

Little does he know that Dilnasheen’s family says yes for the marriage of Haider and her daughter. Whenever Hamza decides to return, there would be fireworks.