Well, last week’s mega episode had the inevitable showdown. All the parties together at one place, where they can judge Somia based on half-truths. Well, allow me to cut to the case, Hatim is infuriated, Somia’s brother is all riled up, her mother is speechless, Raheela rejoices as Somia hits rock bottom. Only Aden stands in her corner, albeit w/o her approval.

As Hatim end’s his relation with Somiya, the question is posed to Aden. Will you take Somia in your Nikkah? Aden didn’t want it to be this way, but this is the outcome he was looking for. So, his answer is yes. Without an alternative, Somia’s family forces her to say Qabol hai too.

Aden and Somia are man and wife, but Aden’s family is clueless about the whole exercise. Nonetheless, the groom promises to bring his family to Somia’s house and take her home soon.

He also promises Somia – who is in a state of shock – that he will always keep her happy for life.

On the flipside, to save the marriage of her daughter, Aden’s mother gives in to the demands of Sabir bhai. When Aden is informed about this, he is understandably defiant.

But can he withstand the pressure from her mother? Will he give in the hope that this is the best way forward for everyone? What about Somiya?

Hatim, on the other hand, is distraught but still has some positive feelings for Somiya.

When his mother curses Somiya, he stops her immediately. The episode ends with a revealing outburst from Raheela. She loses the deception filter and for once speaks her truth.

If Hatim was listening to her, it would reveal a thing or two about the whole situation.

But thus far, Raheela’s skullduggery has worked like a charm every time. It will take a change of tact from Hatim to see the larger picture. Is he capable of doing so?