By komal ahmed

As the last days of winters are coming near, here I am sitting near my window
holding my cup of tea which I must tell you is that it is not everyone’s cup of tea!
The splutter of my tea is in competition with the sweltering thoughts in my head.

I sit here with my writing pad putting my feelings on a piece of paper and thinking
about how the world has changed in just this passing year, how we see the world
a little more different now, how Pakistani’s traditional weddings or to be better
called as “Big Fat Punjabi Weddings” have taken a U-Turn! And how the world
has changed its perception about how the economy of any country is important
or how we are all interlinked with each other but there are few things that don’t
seem to change such as the battle of majority and minority worldwide.

We see diversity around the globe, so much has changed since the inception of this world
and yet the comportment that is given to the minorities is unmerited.

The unjust practices against religious minorities have been historically proven,
Killings in the name of religion “blasphemy”, a mob brandishing clubs smashed
statues, looted gold artefacts and ablaze Hindu temples, a Christian couple
beaten for blasphemy and enraged majority burnt their bodies in the brick kiln
in Pakistan and much more also in the overly independent and advance country
America, the killings of blacks just previous year with the highlighted one of
George Floyd killed as of racism.

The rights of minorities, prejudices against them, enabling harassment with
forceful conversions, threat of life and not prioritizing the health and well-being
whereas it is the right for all humankind but still majority comes up and minority
is pulled down.

The pandemic has diverted the attention of world to many ignored issues and the cases of discrimination against minorities have risen ominously with incidents coming in account with denying of food rations to the minorities.

Although a huge number of frontline workers are at high risk of contracting the virus as they are not provided with the protective material/kits that are recommended by the health experts.