Neelum Munir and Ahsan Khan starrer drama serial Qayamat is now at an important stage with some interesting developments in the recent couple of episodes. While it has us hooked to it already, we are now eagerly waiting to find out what’s in store for us in Ifrah and Rashid’s relationship.

After Mukhtar Sahab handed Ifrah her father’s due share in property, things have started taking a positive turn for Ifrah’s parents.

They now have the money to go ahead with the operation while they can plan moving to a new house and setting up a business for stable financial income.

On the other hand, Nargis is unable to accept that her husband has handed over the property to his brother.

She calls Ifrah out every chance she gets, while Ifrah also replies back voicing out whatever she feels is right. Hence, Nargis and Ifrah are seen at loggerheads as both are unable to bear each other’s presence around themselves.

However, when it comes to Ifrah and Rashid’s relationship, a significant change took place after he slapped Ifrah when he came home drunk. Ifrah left his place, taking Sana with her, and came back to her parents’ home.

Mukhtar makes Rashid realise that it was his mistake and sends him to bring Ifrah back after apologizing to her. Since then, Rashid started changing for the better. He apologized for how he behaved with Ifrah that night and also assured her that such a thing won’t ever happen again.

Ifrah’s parents also suggested her to give Rashid a chance and try to use different ways to make Rashid a better person.

As Ifrah goes back home, she tries giving Rashid some time, cooks for him and irons his clothes. Meanwhile, she also tries making him realise about his wrong habits in her own style and it seems Rashid is soon going to change for the better.

Neelum Munir and Ahsan Khan have brought Ifrah and Rashid’s character to life with their phenomenal performances. Neelum Munir has been a sight to see throughout the serial, but particularly in the scene in which Rashid came home drunk. Her acting was top-notch and outstanding.

The preview of the next episode suggested how Rashid will start understanding about his mother’s evil plans and start making things better for Ifrah in the house. With Rashid turning over a new leaf, and Ifrah also making an attempt to make this marriage work and bring some betterment in Rashid, we now anxiously wait for Qayamat’s next couple of episodes in the coming week.

If you haven’t watched the recent episodes of Qayamat yet, what are you waiting for?

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