By Komal Ahmed

Hippity hoppity hop it says not the Pooh but the Easter bunny who is excited for the celebrations of Easter 2021. But as he is overwhelmed by the upcoming event he is well aware of one not so little glitch which is better known as Covid-19, which has not only rapt the world in his deadly arms but has affected the living routine of the people; it has played with the system and nature of life.

Easter where is an event of commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus, Easter celebrations are all about the defeat of death and the hope of salvation. It is the belief of one that the sins of humanity were all bared by Jesus Christ and he faced all the hardships which were not his but for the entire humankind, resurrection represents the anticipation believers can have in their own resurrection. It is thy sins that we are dealing with some deadliest diseases around us for which we ought to seek forgiveness.

As we all know the current happening all around the world where there is semi lockdowns or soon there will be none we must put in account that the danger is not over yet and whether the lockdown is completely lifted we must know that we have to live with Covid-19 now and forever.

The Easter bunny has to hop in our house with family gatherings being limited as keeping a keen eye over hygiene and sanitizing everything which is being shared on this joyful event.

Nonetheless Easter is all about celebrations for the sake of those 40 days fasting and for the sake of forgiveness you seek from God Almighty and no God says that you put your or others life in danger in order to celebrate his day.

Easter 2021 must be different from all the previous Easters along the years but in 2020 when it was just the beginning of Covid-19 we all know how locked up everybody was; NO PRAYERS, NO GATHERINGS NOT EVEN CLOSE FAMILY GATHERINGS, NO GIFTS EXCHANGE, there was no hype of Easters and its celebration as the fear of getting a deadly disease and avoiding it was much more important than putting everyone’s life in danger.

But 2021 Easter will not be entirely like previous year as now people are well aware of the fact that how important your loved ones are for everyone and how by simple acts of sanitization, hygiene, cleanliness can safe one another. Now people keep them and their surroundings clean not for themselves only but for the people around them too.

Although the complete freedom of however people roam in the streets without any fear of any disease being so contagious that we must keep us and our environs clean, but Easter bunny believes that it is for people’s best as what must have been done years ago with this disease being out in open we have given birth to another virus which is “to keep eye on ones hygiene, cleanliness and keeping your vicinity clean”.

Easter bunny is happy that at least he is able to enjoy a meal together with his loved ones as for many their loved ones are not in between them. As the Easter bunny to be happy and hoppity for a better tomorrow, has decided to stay at home, offer his prayers in safe environment with his family and exchange the Easter eggs with all his friends and family keeping in view all the necessary measures, he expects the same from you! Just a friendly advice to all his loved ones around the globe!!!

Also let me enlighten you with more information, With churches closed and annual pilgrimages off, Christians across the planet square measure inquisitive the way to convey to God this Easter.

And not simply Christians suppose conjointly of “Chreasters”, does one attend church solely at Christmas and Easter? If thus, you’re a Chreaster, and you’re not alone in this as analysis shows that Church of European country attending will increase by fifty to a hundred per cent at those times.

Even if we tend to assume that almost all Chreasters attend church for cultural instead of strictly spiritual reasons, there’ll still be one thing missing for them and regular churchgoers this year. The opportunity to come together as a community, to express gratitude and praise and to do so between buildings that are often hundreds of years old, with music and spoken words that are often thousands of years old.

It’s a missed opportunity that’s felt most keenly now that we’re in the midst of a period of loss of normalcy, of culture, and, most importantly, loss of individual life. Christians do support the decision taken by the government and with more severe wave of Covid-19, we run this argument under the answer that there is no simple answer thereto question. However, one response is to reimagining the notion of journeying. As we tend to follow government recommendation to “stay at home” it’s doable to be stay-at-home pilgrims.