We always love to see our favorite actors taking on powerful roles. However, we are way more likely to root for them as the heroes of the story. What takes true talent is performing in a negative role because it shows us the versatility of the actor. If an artist can truly portray all dimensions of themselves, that’s how viewers know they’re in for the raw talent of it. Here’s a list of our top 5 favorite stars in negative roles: 

1.Anmol Baloch – Khwab Nagar Ki Shehzadi

If there’s any character we absolutely loved in a negative role, it’s Anmol Baloch as Seher in Khwab Nagar Ki Shehzadi. With ambition like no other and a fairytale imagination, Seher makes sure all of her dreams come true by hook or crook. The way she gets what she wants with the amounts of twists in the story is everything!

2.Saba Qamar – Maat

If there ever was an elegant heroin who could perfectly portray a villain it’s Saba Qamar. In Maat, she plays the character Saman who seeks treasure in all her pursuits and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. Betraying her sister and her husband for wealth, all we know is Saman is not the character to mess with.

3.Ushna Shah – Balaa

Ushna’s performance in the drama serial Balaa was undeniably out of this world. Playing a girl who ruins everything that comes in her way, Nigaar is one of the most powerful villains in Pakistani dramas for sure.

4.Hania Amir – Dilruba

Hania Amir as Sanam was the modern female antihero we love to see. The way she lured men in via TikTok dancing to gain financial benefits was cunning to say the least. This character was surely noteworthy.

5.Bilal Abbas – Cheekh

Last but not least! Bilal Abbas as Wajih in Cheekh really brought out that anger in viewers. Wajih would go out of his way to hurt people with no regard for anyone else, not even his own siblings. Furthermore, he doesn’t care much about consequences and you just know, that’s what makes him all the more dangerous.