The tastes of the audiences have evolved quite a lot since the last few years but still, most of the viewers are on the lookout for young, breezy, romantic comedies. 7th Sky Entertainment’s latest endeavor ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ is a brightly glossy telefilm that sparkles romance, tossed with laughter and boasts of crackling chemistry between the lead actors. Let’s Analyze…

‘Teri Meri Kahani’ primarily narrates the story of two characters Armaan (Haroon Kadwani) and Zara (Sehar Khan).

Armaan is young, dashing and carefree to quite an extent; after all, he is the only child of Jalaluddin (Usman Peerzada) and Taskeen (Bushra Ansari). His interest is mostly in the sports car, rather than his studies and career.

Zara is a fun, bubbly and lively girl who is on the spree to impress everyone with her personality and skills. She is brought up all alone by her father Quddus (Javed Sheikh). Somewhere deep down she has a sense of responsibility to make her father proud in every aspect of life. 

She is an average student but scores full marks in her assignments and exams due to the favors by her friend ‘Wafa’. She orders food from a restaurant and labels her name on it.

Armaan and Zara are neighbors; they are poles apart having their own distinctive personalities. They both share a love-hate relationship and never let go of any opportunity to insult each other.

As the story progresses, they both develop feeling for each other and confess their love. In a series of misunderstandings and unfortunate events, Quddus rejects Armaan’s proposal for Zara as he thinks that Armaan is a cheap, irresponsible and character-less guy.

Both Armaan and Zara go into a dilemma wanting things to get sorted. Adding more to the horror, Quddus gets ill and is gets hospitalized. Taskeen and Jalauddin pay a visit to the hospital where Zara discloses all her secrets of faking things around to impress everyone.

The twist in the tale happens when Zara and Armaan come to know that their parents pulled off a prank regarding Qudduss illness. Finally, Armaan and Zara get engaged on a positive note giving viewers a strong message that never let down anyone in life; never make new beginnings based on lies. Forgiveness is the gateway to a beautiful life. 

Director Aehsun Talish offers something extra beyond the conventional love story. The issues that the characters face are real, relevant and reflect the true mindset of such people of the metropolis.

He nurtures his characters well, allowing them to radiate and shine astoundingly. Also, the songs are well picturised and add value to the overall totality. The telefilm targets the youth but also holds an appeal for all age groups.

The writing by Saima Akram Chaudhry is enhanced by the performances. Haroon Kadwani is promising and manages to put up an endearing act.

His child-like behavior, his tone of voice and those little nuances makes Armaan so loveable. Sehar Khan has a fantastic screen presence and maintains a strong position. She shines mostly in the emotional sequences. Bushra Anasri as the quirky mother is adorable. Usman Peerzada’s act is on point. Javed Sheikh is charming. 

On the whole ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ is young at heart, deliciously romantic with a contemporary touch. It comes across as a breath of fresh air that is highly entertaining for the audience who have been deprived of quality content for a long time.