With a storyline which reflects the reality of many in our society, 7th Sky Entertainment’s Kasa-e-Dil has become one of the most popular dramas on TV right now.

The sacrifices Saumia has had to make, the pain her family goes through and the manipulation of those she considers well-wishers, has really captivated audiences.

This week, we saw the drama’s 26th episode, with each character moving forward in their journey.

On the face of it, Saumia’s life seemed settled. She is married to someone who loves her deeply, and perhaps more importantly, she has left her past behind.

But things are way more complicated then they may seem. On the one hand, there is Hatim, who refuses to move on.

The day of his engagement, he sits and recalls the past between her and Saumia.

Despite his mother’s insistence, he refuses to show any kind of interest in her fiancée. Saumia is well aware of his nature and is tense.

She shares her worries with her mother but Adan over hears half of it.

He then talks to Shireen and wonders if his decision to marry Saumia was the right one. Shireen tries to exploit the situation and uses Somia’s past to drive a wedge between her and Aden. In this mission, Adan’s mother is an ally.

They cook up a plan which ends in Adan’s mother accusing Saumia of stealing her son. She says that Saumia is the reason, her son has become distant. They live under the same roof but are becoming complete strangers.

Shireen’s second move is to use Raheela to provoke Saumia. She hints to Saumia, that she is aware of her relationship with Hatim and someone from her home has informed her about it.

Given their history, Saumia didn’t need any evidence or excuse to go on a rampage against her sister in law.

But just when things seem to be getting out of hand, Shireen tactfully cools the temperature and tries to befriend Raheela.

Shireen’s end game is now clear. But the biggest hurdle between it is Adan. He communicates with Saumia regularly and their hearts are clear. But how long can the couple sustain in such a toxic environment? Will Hatim ever get over Saumia?

Time will tell. The writer of the drama, Jahanzeb Qamar has truly done wonders!

If you haven’t watched the latest episode of Kasae Dil yet, what are you waiting for?