Pakistani actress Hania Aamir is definitely one of the controversial members of the showbiz industry as the actress is always on the receiving end of the unending criticism.

This time the trolls decided to bully Hania again and they did that through lambasting her on her latest ‘vlog’ uploaded on her Youtube channel.  

Hania is mostly associated with being ‘extra’ and ‘over’ as netizens believe that sometimes she just can’t stop herself from going over-the-top and this is not appreciated by them at all.

In her latest vlog, Hania decides to document her ‘nose piercing’ experience which she endured along with her friend.

Hania documented the entire process and she also filmed her friends’ reaction to her ‘new look’.

When the vlog came live, trolls started their trolling.

One netizen commented: “Overacting ki dukaan”

Another amusing comment: “Aik number ki showdi” (What a show-off).

Social media users also chose to shower merciless bullying in the comments section: “Yeh jitni cute hai utni dimaagh se pedal hai” (She is cute to a great extent but also mentally dense to the same extent)

Here are some of the comments: