By: Komal Ahmed

It was back in 2014 while I was working at a private news channel and got an excursion to Europe. I got an opportunity to be a piece of tremendous dissent against Israel in Roterdam,Netherlands.

Individuals of all identity, citizenship and race were important for the dissent reciting trademarks to free Palestine. That was the first occasion when I at any point saw feel of humankind for those in torment.

Numerous specialists and online media content floods with the historical backdrop of disaster areas and I am certain you probably peruse and have sufficient information about it at this point.

As our course reading actually have sections on Kashmir, Syrian and  battle in Palestine. We people require and consistently require a development to prevent brutality from occurring.

We step in this period where web-based media power is viewed as a serious deal to change the essence of the world numerous developments have occurred. Which I accept is of incredible arrangement as we spread mindfulness as well as bringing voices for those up out of luck.

A Palestinian youngster conveys a message expressing that he offer supplication 6 times each day with an expansion of a memorial service petition.

Almost after 7 years again I heard watched and witnessed same. As we were passing by a 9 year old girl asked her mother about the solidarity protests happening on the roads of Lahore she just told her it is for the sake of humanity !