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Travel bloggers are plenty in numbers, and they seem to always be roaming cities, caves, meadows, lakes, valleys and plains alike, all the time.

While they spend a lot of time and resources creating content from beautiful locations for people to see, one question often arises– how do they afford this?
Travelling is not cheap, irrespective of if you’re a luxury seeker, or a backpacker.

It’s an adventure that requires planning, research, as well as adequate funds.

But in a fast-paced world, it’s also become a necessity for most, to be able to take a break from the mundane routines, explore the world and its diverse cultures and landscapes.

So, how do we make travel affordable for us? Or more importantly, how can we #GetPaidToTravel ?

Read on for three ways you can step closer to your dream destination:

  1. Become a digital nomad
    No surprises there. In a disease-ridden world and an increasingly digitalized work culture that encourages remote employment, becoming a digital nomad has become far easier than it was before. All you need is adequate Wi-Fi/4G connection and you’re good to go.
  2. A garage sale works wonders
    Seems a bit drastic? Hear us out.
    Sure, you’re not exactly getting paid to travel. But you do need funds to be able to move about, even if you intend to backpack across the country or resort to hitchhiking. So what’s the easiest way to make an extra buck? Sell off those unworn piles of clothes hiding in the back of your closet, or a few extra décor pieces from your space. Easy money!
  3. Enter’s exciting ‘Free Hotels for a Year/#GetPaidToTravel Competition’

Many organizations occasionally offer tickets or free trips, but this is the first time we have ever seen a company changing people’s lives through travel., an online booking platform for affordable accommodation, is currently offering a chance for three lucky individuals to win a year of free hotels and #GetPaidToTravel.

With an unbelievable opportunity for travel enthusiasts to make their ‘Dream Travel’ come true, Roomph is holding a digital competition that invites participants to post exciting travel stories or thoughts related to their dream destinations in a post on their social media handles, with #GetPaidToTravel and tagged.

Three lucky winners, announced on August 14th, 2021, will receive free hotel bookings, unlimited bus and train tickets, various plane tickets, and a monthly stipend of PKR 70,000 for an entire year!
What an incredible offer!

Roomph is a platform that provides easy, reliable, and budgeted accommodations, with 12,000 rooms in 90+ destinations across Pakistan.

It aims to revolutionize the hospitality industry in Pakistan and bring better travel experiences to tourists.

The opportunities to afford travelling are endless… and so are breathtaking destinations!
So, get moving and start posting!

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