7th Sky Entertainment’s drama serial Qayamat has got viewers hooked ever since the beginning; to the point where everything happens in the drama has an effect on the viewers’ mood.

This drama has been beautifully penned down by Sarwat Nazir, directed by Ali Faizan, produced by the dynamic duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, and features an ensemble cast including Ahsan Khan and Neelum Munir.

This drama contains a number of strong underlying themes that the audience should be open to and learn from.

Here are some major lessons we believe Qayamat has taught us thus far through its powerful scenes, dialogues, and brilliant storytelling!

Don’t allow your fears to influence your decisions:

The character of Samra, portrayed by Amar Khan is the true depiction of how women in our society get affected by the decisions taken by the elders of our society.

Samra was presented as a weak girl who was always controlled by her worries and inhibitions. Everything Samra had to go through in the face of hostility, harassment, domestic violence, and sacrifices in the interest of preserving her parents’ reputation in our highly regarded culture has taught us a major lesson of taking control of our lives.

Don’t encourage your kids to do wrong:

This one is especially for parents that come from a well-connected and wealthy families. We encourage our children’s anger and ego by allowing them to make mistakes that hurt others.

When we know they are completely incorrect, we comfort them that they are correct. And so kids like Rashid become barbaric. Their entire lives are ruined at the expense of political and materialistic gains of their families. Qayamat has perfectly articulated this message.

Tables will eventually turn one day:

The drama’s central theme revolves upon karma’s deeds. Rashid and nargis who victimized Samra with their domestic violence, and Rashid who killed Pari, once boasted about having the authority to kill someone. Little did they know that every second of our lives is a part of God’s plan, and no one departs this world without paying the price for their crimes! Qayamat has reinforced the concept that what goes around comes around, regardless of what we do to protect ourselves.

Sacrifice love in the name of preserving family reputation:

Qayamat is one such story that is not only relatable but has also prevailed in our society. Where “Log kya kahenge” is a big question mark for our society, especially the middle class, before doing anything, and sacrificing your love in the name of preserving family reputation is very common and where every sin can be forgotten if done by someone with power. However the story portrays empowered women who learn to take stand for themselves.

Make the world a better place by being the change you wish to see:

Qayamat has taught us that instead of complaining about the mishaps in our lives, one should stand for themselves and take the first step for allowing the change you wish to see in others. Ifrah’s character in Qayamat is true depiction of how women have the ability to transform everything.

All in all, Qayamat has won us over so far, Qayamat’s last episode will go on air on Wednesday at 8pm on Geo Entertainment and we can’t wait to see the how the tables will turn for Rashid and Nargis, let us know your thoughts in comment section below.