Ace fashion designer, runway director, talk show host, and actor Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY recently performed a choreographed dance alongside the renowned actress Resham at the HUM Style Awards 2021.

The annual award ceremony took place on Sunday 4th July 2021 in Lahore, Pakistan in front of a LIVE audience full of A Listers from the media fraternity.

The superstar performed a setlist of three songs including ‘Janu Sun Zara’ from the 1995 film ‘Jeeva’ featuring Resham herself. Amongst the list of tracks were the classic melodies, ‘Sayoni Mera Mahi’ and the iconic Punjabi song titled ‘Mundiya’. The performance could be best described as energetic and dramatic with maximum entertainment for the audience. With vibrant tracks bursting with enthusiasm, the numbers were specifically choreographed for viewers in-person and onscreen to enjoy. The lively dance routine had people in the crowd cheering as the icons danced to the powerful tracks.

When asked how it feels to perform alongside Resham, HSY stated, “I’ve known Resham since the beginning of my career and I’ve known her since her first movie came out. I choreographed her first runway. So, we go way back. I’ve always admired her and I respect her very much. We have always had natural chemistry because of our friendship of two decades. The songs we are performing are also iconic and I’m really looking forward to it.”

HSY has previously appeared in a dance performance at the award ceremony in 2016 and has won several HUM Style Awards himself, earning several titles as well as accolades including ‘Most Stylish Television Host’. The performance was choreographed by renowned choreographer, Shehzi, who had already worked with the icon three times before for his film ‘Ishrat Made In China’ and his performance at the HUM Style Awards 2016.

“It feels wonderful to be back at the highly celebrated HUM Style Awards. It especially feels great to perform classic Lollywood songs in the city of Lahore, where the locals genuinely feel a strong connection with the music as it resonates with their spirit. These are tracks that they have always enjoyed, and I’m really looking forward to bringing that same joy to them. Hopefully, I can try to do justice to it,” stated HSY when asked how he felt about performing on stage once again.

HSY is currently working on several projects including his couture designs and ongoing mega series ‘Pehli Si Mohabbat’ which has earned praise from audiences across the board.