7th Sky Entertainment is a leading production house in Pakistan by the famous media moguls Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, who set new benchmarks with their exponential success on every project.

These content tycoons have served us with yet another captivating tale, ‘Kasa-e-Dil,’ that has us hooked to our televisions as it reaches its climax.

Zeeshan Ahmed has breathed life into this spellbinding narrative penned down by Jahanzeb Qamar with his profound directing skills.

The serial is incomplete without its incredible cast, Affan Waheed, Hina Altaf, Komal Aziz, and Ali Ansari, who delivered commendable dramaturgy and set new examples of their competent skills doing complete justice to their roles.

The story orbits around two cousins secretly in love with one another, Somia, played by Hina Altaf, and Hatim, played by Ali Ansari.

It becomes a complex relationship of a love triangle between Adan, portrayed by Affan Waheed, who falls for Somia at first sight but cannot express any feelings. Things start to go downhill for Somia after her father’s death, along with her affection for Hatim disapproved by his mother and their cousin Raheela who is also in love with Hatim.

The evil forces are both shown to develop propaganda to grow them apart at any cost by defaming her with Adan’s name. Sparks between Somia and Adan sow the seeds of a new complicated beginning.

The next chapter of Somia’s life highlights the misunderstanding created that eventually grows people apart.

The recent episodes have developed into an intriguing tale of broken hearts showing us that the good always overcomes the bad. In the last few episodes, we see a refreshing twist in which Adan’s sister takes his side against manipulative relatives even though it puts her relationship in turmoil.

People all over the country loved how she pulls some power moves against Adan’s first wife, Shireen, and her husband, who is also Shireen’s brother, own for her brother’s sacrifice to save the family name. Eventually, now we see everything settling down with Raheela getting what karma had planned for her, and she realizes her past mistakes.

Adan accepts and takes back somia with the good wishes of his first wife, his inlaws, and his mother.

Everyone finally sees through the love Adan and Somia hold for one another, giving a great deal of satisfaction to the viewers.

The negatives are always minor in the broader scope of things, and the good always finds its way back to the surface.

The powerful performances play a monumental role in captivating the viewer’s attention with the appalling delivery of their characters.

We are anxiously waiting for the next episode of Kasa-e-Dil. An audience of over 2.3 million residing all over Pakistan is going to be glued to their TV screens at 8:00 pm on Monday.

The much anticipated last episode of the serial that unravels more interesting insights. We crave more engaging content and quality family time with more 7th sky entertainment hits!