By : Komal Ahmed

A day before I was unable to sleep thinking how women across border (Afghanistan) will be thriving to survive.

But today, I am more concerned how 110 million women in my country will sleep.Where in the second largest city of Pakistan, Lahore 400 men can show case and enjoy assault, harass and torn her clothes easily.

According to some reports last year Pakistan was declared 3rd most unsafe place for females to live in, I along with some other fellow female friends were in a denial. But stats don’t lie!!

What is happening to the society do we really need to revisit our roots or we need to teach to our grownups as well.

If a women goes out for a Aurat March she is blamed, but do we need a male to stand for females rights and make men to realize how equally important it is for a women to live and be at peace when she is alive and in her grave.

For centuries females have been protesting for rights, rights in property, rights in marriage, right in offices but now right to be a basic human being.

The absence of sexual orientation touchy work force in the security area who can react satisfactorily to sex based brutality is likewise a factor.

Human and money related assets are only here and there accessible where psychosocial backing and directing are required.

Admittance to equity is regularly hampered by the low quality of police examination and over-troubled criminal equity frameworks.

All kinds of people need to challenge hidden socio-social standards that sustain victimization ladies.

Governments need to put resources into fortifying equity frameworks to examine and indict gender based viciousness viably.

Furthermore, gender delicate preparing is required for that load of working in the equity and security areas.
#Justiceforhumanity #justiceforwomen