Laiba Khan Lodhi in a short span of time has earned herself a good repute in the showbiz industry.

Her unique smile and glamorous look made her a demanding female model in the Fashion Industry. The stunning looks she gives on ramp make the audiences spell bound.

In a brief encounter with LahoreTimes she talks about her career following are the excerpts of the interview:

Did you always want to become a model? At what point did you feel like this was the career choice for you?

We live in a magnolias melancholy of life where prevailing something can either get too convenient or contrary too arduous; Doing something to an extent where it never loses your proclivity of interest, unexpectedly modelling forged into my pathway and gradually with the passage of time after PFDC.

I lured into this field with the element of interest and fortunately I am still making my way through this career.

What do you usually wear in daily life?

Carrying shalwar kameez deploys that aura of comfort; as comfort is my first voracious perception, so does it imbues within my lifestyle.

How supportive was your family about your career choice ?

The sustainer up high in the sky ( Allah ) has engraved plethora of support from my parents.

I could’ve never attained the limpid fragments of success without their existence in my life, their unconditional ability to fathom their daughter’s desire to make an independent name for herself felt like the strongest emotional connection that as a consequence made me more flamboyant and courageous while taking my decision.

The trend of models stepping into acting is increasing. Do you also plan to jump on the bandwagon?

Acting requires eloquence with every conduct you pass onto the framework. I would love to act, acting that is empowering,uncanny, bizarre and acknowledged.

Preference also intertwines within this periphery.Well, if the quality with least the cost appeals to my heart, then you will surely see me on your screens aswell.

If you could change one thing about fashion industry, what would it be and why ?

Our industry holds immense favoritism and as a consequence it disseminates politics, that affects the work quite largely.

I would like to take meaningful reforms over this perception, as it will mould a better and balanced work infrastructure.

There is always alot of pressure on models to remain a certain size. What do you do to stay fit?

The concept of size should be radically vast. Their shouldn’t be any impeccable imposement within this perception rather a base that sparkles the beauty of every body shape, allowing more shapes to the industry, would allocate more resplendent colors, for a paradigm the more the fumes in the air, the more the extravagant emotional congeniality.

Your greatest strength?

Greatest strength for me has been Allah and the ability that he deployed over me was to fathom his ways, his existence reverted any atrocity or dibaolical upcoming. Weakness would be that I cannot express my emotions personally while interacting with others.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Much entertaining stuff is on the verge, you will surely get to know soon

Any plans to participate in Bridal Couture Week ?

Definitely yes. There are many on the verge and I am quite excited for them.