Launch of the BMW Motorrad brand marks a new era and a chapter in the already illustrious history of Dewan Motors.  Motorrad is a world-renowned premium motorcycle brand with supreme heritage and cutting-edge German technology.

The Motorrad Centre was inaugurated by Ms. Nabiha Yousuf, CEO, Dewan Motors Private Limited along with Mr. Israr Ahmad, Area Manager, BMW Group Middle East and Mr. Umair Jaswal, BMW Motorrad Brand Ambassador in Pakistan.

“The BMW Group congratulates it’s partner Dewan Motors for launching Motorrad in Pakistan. It’s a great news for Pakistani motorbikes enthusiasts to get their hands on top quality BMW motorbikes. This is yet another BMW Group and Dewan Motors strategic initiative to enhance the BMW footprint in Pakistan and we look forward to welcoming our customers to try our fantastic motorbikes”, said Mr Israr Ahmad, Area Manager, BMW Group Middle East.

The event was highlighted by the participation of hard-core enthusiasts, who came from far and wide, including the capital city, rendering the glittering event, even more memorable. It is only natural as motorcycles were BMW’s first road-going vehicles in 1916, and speaks of more than a century of glorious history and technological progress.

Dewan Motors has appointed famous musician, actor Mr Umair Jaswal as the BMW Motorrad, brand Ambassador for Pakistan.

“We are very excited to announce the opening of the first Motorrad Centre in Lahore. It is the only officially represented premium motorcycle franchise in the country. This state-of-the-art facility will cater to all the needs of our esteemed BMW motorcyclist and will provide them with an environment that is as hospitable as it is professionally focused”, said Ms Nabiha Yousuf, CEO, Dewan Motors.

“We are delighted to have Mr Umair Jaswal as the BMW Motorrad Brand Ambassador. In addition to being the country’s biggest rockstar, Umair’s personal affinity for BMW motorcycles makes him the obvious choice. With him on board, one can anticipate that BMW Motorrad journey will be a lot more entertaining,” continued Ms Yousuf