The winter season is nostalgic for cozy spaces, big fluffy blankets, twinkling lights, warm scents, and delicious sweet treats! Get your home winter-wonderland reminiscent with just a few simple additions.

Fairy lights

These tiny twinkling lights can make any space look instantly more charming. Whether you choose to string them across your walls indoors or hang them on plants and trees outside, they’re sure to make your space all the more magical. Tip: Get battery-powered ones so you don’t have to fuss with extension cords and power sockets.

Colish’s Absolute Santal 3-Wick Candle

The flickering flames of a candle burning in the corner of the room exude winter feels like no other. This beautiful 3-wick candle doesn’t just look gorgeous, it smells absolutely divine. The warm, velvety scent of sandalwood will make your space infinitely more enticing. Get it here.

Knit Blanket

Get your hands on a big, knit blanket whenever you get the chance, then pull it out as temperatures start to drop and drape them over the side of your couch as a throw. Trust us, it will not just make your space look cozier, your friends will be eternally grateful when their feet start to feel the chill!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate is an all-time winter fav and chocolate bombs are the ultimate way to have the sweet, delciously decadent beverage. You can quickly whip up a hot cup of cocoa simply by adding one of these sugary surprises to hot milk; plus they look super cute stacked up in a glass jar on the kitchen counter!

Fluffy Rugs and Cushions

Like your knit blankets, you can keep a few more cozy decorative items in your storage, namely fluffy cushions and area rugs. As soon as December rolls around, dust them off and place them around your space. The fluffier the better!

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are an elegant addition to any space, instantly making the room look more up-scale, plus they continuously release the best scent, making sure that the area is always appealing. Place them in smaller spaces like your bathroom or study to get the most out of your reed diffuser. There’s a range of delectable scents available at Colish; order your favorites online!

Space Heater

Though they don’t look the most appealing, these little heaters can make a world of a difference. Cold feet? Cold hands? No problem! These small wonders will make you warm and cozy in no time at all.

Baubles and Ornaments

You don’t need a Christmas tree to use ornaments! You can place baubles, pinecones and other wintery decor in trays or on countertops combined with candles to create small winter-esque interest spots around your space. Get creative!