When we think of the name Ayesha Chundrigar, we immediately correlate it with animal welfare. However, what we don’t usually see is how much work she and her foundation, ACF Animal Rescue, put into developing and a better world for us humans as well.

Chundrigar is one of those people who is known to create an impact in whatever she does, especially when it comes to animal welfare.

Putting all her efforts into the greater good for humans and animals, Ayesha takes her love for all species to another level, this time by incorporating what’s best for marine life, environmentalism, and much more. Most recently she traveled to the USA to attend several seminars to learn about shelter science.

In addition, she made her way to Orlando, Florida where she set up a booth at an expo dedicated to organizations that support the safety of animals where she introduced her new dog leashes under her brand ‘Trio’, made from upcycled material, by the hands of women who were married off at a young age and now want to reclaim their financial independence.

The leashes made waves across the board and sold out at the expo in no time! People couldn’t get enough of the innovative leashes and loved the concept as well as the execution of the product.

The adoration for the creation was obvious as several of them gave heartfelt testimonials on how they felt about how all-encompassing the leashes were.

At the expo, Ayesha Chundrigar shared ACF’s story and introduced the leashes while explaining how it will help her raise funds to support and expand her work. As people flooded into the event, they couldn’t help but be drawn to the ACF Animal Rescue booth where Ayesha spoke about all the work ACF has done over the years to make sure that animals in Pakistan are treated with fairness.

Hence, attending the biggest animal care expo in the world the Humane Society where she had initially learned about shelter medicine and shelter science. Finally, with all of her years of experience, she could set up a super successful booth where she could look back at her work and be proud.

“We wanted to create a meaningful product-and our idea of helping animals, people, and the environment together, is JUST that, and we are SO happy that so many resonated with our vision! Representing all positive things from Pakistan! With women in the forefront! What really fills our hearts with joy is that this year, when we attended the workshops, we were so proud to realize we are already doing things SO well, and the learning just reinforces and refines that and of course, we always learn more, but we do what we do, against all odds in our country and we were just so grateful about that,” stated Ayesha Chundrigar.

The dog leashes are made with love in Pakistan, durable and long-lasting, made from upcycled marine plastic waste, and provide jobs and empower as well as educate local & vulnerable communities.

50% of the profits will go to ACF Animal Rescue in order to provide better services for animals across the country.

We couldn’t be more proud of AyeshaChundrigar and ACFAnimalRescue who took Florida by storm through their brand new leashes at an expo dedicated to organizations that support the safety of animals, showing the softer side of Pakistan and setting a new benchmark in innovations for animal welfare across the country.

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