Lahore: Amina Butt, Director of AB Art Gallery, has said that painting is a natural art which is the best gift of Allah.

Talking to Lahore Times, Amina said that she highlights Quranic verses, natural scenes and social issues in her painting.

She further added that there are many scenes around us which are ignored but everyone gets surprised when these scenes are brought in the painting.

There are thousands of attractive scenes in Pakistan even today which can be explored through painting, she said.

Amina Butt was of the view that our people want to get the painting of European countries for their homes but the reality is that there are thousands of scenes here in Pakistan which are far better than European countries. These scenes are gift of nature for us but our artists ignore them most of the times. You will find all the paintings in our art gallery which reflect the true picture of society, she added.

She was of the view that her focus is also on highlighting the social issues being faced by the people. Just like an artist, painting has its own language and many frames carry a complete story behind them.

It is tantamount to do worship when an artist paints a painting with complete dedication. Sometimes, an artist paints a painting which is not even in his mind but still it is vehemently liked by the fans, she concluded.