Our innovative advertising options provide premium exposure on the internet to a high buying power audience. We offer user-relevant and highly engaging content, enabling advertisers to market their brand to a highly targeted audience.

Ad Types and Specifications
All available advertising placements follow the guidelines and best practices of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Sponsor Content Policies
Lahore Times editorial staff must first approve all paid content prior to any agreement or content production to ensure that it meets the expected platform(s) standards, is of interest to the platform(s) audience, and is editorially aligned with and follows the guidelines outlined herein.

Best Practices
In general, news sites should feature content that’s clear and free of grammatical errors.

Be Accountable and Transparent
Content should feature transparent information about the author, clearly accessible contact information (such as email and physical addresses, and phone numbers), and posts with datelines and bylines.

Prohibited Content

  1. Sexually explicit content
    We do not allow content that features explicit sexual imagery primarily intended to cause sexual arousal.
  2. Graphic violent content
    We do not allow content that incites or glorifies violence. We also do not allow extremely graphic or violent materials for the sake of disgusting others.
  3. Hateful content
    We do not allow content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


Advertiser is responsible for all creative and rich media fees standard banner.
We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate campaigns of advertising which do not follow our guidelines. Tariffs and standards are subject to change without notice.

Please notify us of any violation of our interactive advertising standards.